Young Singapore Based Trader, 22, earned USD13k from USD500 that he invested using Etoro

Ang Kar Yong, 22, born in Malaysia, currently studying in Singapore started using Etoro Forex tradingplatform and invested just USD500 which he managed to reap returns up to USD13K. Watch the video on some of his investing experiences.

It is an alternative source of income that is gaining popularity in Singapore, Get your USD50 free on your first eToro deposit!

For those who are keen to try out eToro, there is free USD50 + USD20 coupons (of first deposit of USD100) when you sign up through the invitation link ONLY. eToro also provides a training environment where you can make use of virtual money to try out. Good luck with your trades! You can sign up with this link here.

Warren Buffett Tip: How to Turn $40 into $5 Million Investing in Stocks

In the following video Warren Buffett explains How to Turn $40 into $5 million.
"There is more growth in the international market over time, but it will hurt Coca-Cola in the short term. This is a business that went public in 1919. Years later it was at a half price. Since then, there was also the Great Depression and WWII and sugar rationing. But despite all of that, if you had bought a single share of Coca-Cola in 1919 at $40 per share and reinvested the dividends, then it would be worth $5 million today."
Even these days there are times and opportunities when it is possible to buy stocks of big companies for discounted or half prices.
One of these opportunities is brought to you by social investing network eToro, where you can buy for example: Google stock for $50 only!
See full list of discounted stocks.

Bitcoin Trading Made Easier

Bitcoin is a computerized coin everybody is discussing. There are numerous spots you can purchase or offer it, however now it is likewise accessible on famous social contributing system etoro.
Note: you can trade from as small as $10
Putting resources into Bitcoin on etoro is straightforward 1-2-3 stage process
1) Go to Bitcoin page
2) Click on the Buy Stock and pick measure you wish to contribute
3) Confirm your speculation and you are carried out
On the bitcoin page you can likewise see different dealers who put resources into Bitcoin. You can talk with them in a Facebook style or when you discover somebody fruitful you can duplicate his exchanging movement to get same benefits.

What is Bitcoin?

It’s fully conceivable that this is the first occasion when you’ve ever known about Bitcoin. All things considered here are certainties about this planet’s first advanced coin.
Bitcoin was started in 2009 by its originator Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a shared coin that is not controlled by any focal power. Bitcoins are truth be told bits of code which is encoded to guarantee that every Bitcoin is novel and might be just claimed by one individual at once.
In the same way that whatever available money is stamped, Bitcoins excessively must be made. This is carried out through a procedure called “mining”. Each PC can join the Bitcoin mining system and turn into an “excavator”, which includes tackling scientific issues keeping in mind the end goal to gain Bitcoins. On normal, a “mining” PC makes pretty nearly 25 Bitcoins like clockwork. These Bitcoins are then disseminated by the diggers through Bitcoin trades. It is assessed that a little more than 12 million Bitcoins, at present worth roughly 9 billion USD, are right now available for use far and wide.
Starting 2013, a critical number of worldwide online administration suppliers have begun tolerating Bitcoin as installment for their administrations. These incorporate Okcupid, WordPress, Foodler and Baidu.